Cheddar Curds

Age doesn’t matter; nobody can resist the “Squik-Squik” of our cheese curds!



Fresh of the day, marvelous for picnics and buffets, your kids will love it as a snack!





The BEST Poutine in Québec, according to the authors of the book “Moutarde Choux”.



Jocoeur is low-fat cheddar cheese. It is associated with a noble cause, the Jocoeur program establishes in Abitibi-Ouest for health promotion, screening, and management of chronic diseases in the workplace. An essential for lunch boxes, it is also magical on gratin dishes: it will take on a golden hue and will be crispy quickly, without releasing fatty substances! A delight to be enjoyed without regret!



Our absolute winner, delicious in a raclette, skewers (see recipe) or salad, you simply won’t be able to do without it anymore! This cheese won several Sélection Caséus and British Empire Cheese prizes over the years



A 45-day ripening and a black beer wash give this cheese crust a delicious taste!


Le Bâtisseur

Winner of the 2017 Caseus award in the hard cheese category, Le Bâtisseur was created to celebrate La Sarre’s hundredth anniversary. With its buttery and light fruity aromas, this hard rind cheese is marvellous with wine, beer, and your daily meals! Definitely a must taste!



Its scent and sweet buttery taste makes it the perfect buddy for your lunch-time sandwich.



Our Brie-like cheese, on a crouton, oven cooked (see recipe), in a sauce or a stuffing fits the definition of comfort food.



This gouda-like cheese has a taste of “Try me again”, buying it will help people fighting against cancer. (1$/KG)



For those who care about their health, our low-fat but high-taste cheese!