Grated Cheddar

 Try replacing the eternal mozzarella in your usual dishes by our grated Cheddar. Available in white, yellow or marble.

Identification Sheet

Family  Unaged hard cheese
Origin  La Sarre, Abitibi-Témiscamingue
History  Available since 1996
Making process  Traditional
Milk type  Pasteurized cow milk
Aging period  0 days
Fat  31%
Moisture  40%
Shape  Grated
Weight  1KG or 2KG
Preservation  Keep refrigerated at 4°C.
 Up to 30 days in its original package.
Body  Thinly Grated
Flavour  Fresh taste of cheese
Tasting tips  Serve at 4°C
Color  White, Yellow or Marbled

Nutrition facts