Grated Cheddar

Unripened firm cheese

Try replacing the eternal mozzarella in your usual dishes by our grated Cheddar. Available in white, yellow or marble.



Winner of the 2017 Caseus award in the hard cheese category, Le Bâtisseur was created to celebrate La Sarre’s hundredth anniversary. With its buttery and light fruity aromas, this hard rind cheese is marvellous with wine, beer, and your daily meals! Definitely a must taste!



Based in La Sarre in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, La Vache à Maillotte is a friendly symbol of local cheese made from cow's and sheep’s milks. Our company is distinguished by its creative and innovative approach deeply rooted in our country’s traditions, as well as in the art of creating, manufacturing and making discover quality cheeses with unbelievable flavors.



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