The Company

La Vache à Maillotte is a business known for its dynamic management, its employees’ well-being, and its operational excellence. Our cheese-making expertise, as well as our employees’ commitment and sense of belonging, helps to provide high-quality products that guarantee gustatory pleasure to our clientele.

Moreover, La Vache à Maillote benefits from provincial outreach, of which the business is particularly proud of!

Our values


  • This value is conveyed through the introduction of clear-cut procedures and policies that contribute to offer quality products.
  • By choosing La Vache à Maillotte, all invest themselves and personally contribute to the business’ development and success.


  • At La Vache à Maillotte, this value is two-fold: equity in terms of the services provided to our customers and regarding management of our human resources within our business.
  • Fairness in our decisions will ensure an equal and unbiased treatment, both for our customers and our employees.


  • We treat our employees as partners by showing them empathy.
  • By showing them respect, we actively contribute to ensure a healthy work environment, free of all forms of violence and harassment, as well as to ensure a quality work life.
  • Everyone is treated with consideration and communications are carried out with diplomacy and humility.